• Located in the Academy building, on the upper floor;
  • Amenities: kitchen with a refrigerator; TV, wi-fi; washer machines; homework room;
  • Sheets and bedding provided;
  • Round-the-clock check-in available;
  • Professional staff are always ready to help and answer students’ questions and inquiries.


Foreign students are served five well-balanced meals each day, in full accordance with requirements to children’s meals, and sanitary rules and regulations. The cafeteria is located on the ground floor of the Academy building.

Medical Care

The Academy renders emergency medical services at the clinic located on the ground floor of its building. The clinic also has physiatrics equipment and an isolation / quarantine ward. The staff includes a traumatologist, an ENT doctor and a pediatrician.

Attention! Availability of a medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation and covering sports injuries is a mandatory requirement to enrollment with the Academy.