Invitation procedure

Verification of passport validity term

According to the requirements of the Russian Federation Migration Service, a foreign national’s passport must be valid for no less than a year and a half at the time of their arrival in Russia.

Translation of passport

If your passport meets the requirements of the Russian Federation Migration Service, please have the first page translated into Russian. The translator must be professional (please let us know the address of the translation agency).

Visa application

Please submit the below information to the e-mail addresses of the International Affairs Division:

  1. Your citizenship
  2. Your residence address including your ZIP-code
  3. Place of birth (city, town)
  4. Location of the RF Consulate you plan to contact to get your visa issued
  5. Name and address of your last education institution
  6. First and Last names of your parents, their cell-phone numbers and e-mail addresses


Upon the submission of documents specified in clauses 1 – 3 above, you will receive an e-mail with a copy of the Service Contract to sign. As soon as you return a scanned copy of the signed Contract, we will start the invitation / visa proceedings.

Single-entry student visa formalities

Upon the submission of a copy of the signed Contract along with visa application documents specified above, the International Department will initiate the invitation / visa proceedings.

Note that the invitation proceedings take three weeks or longer.

Visa issuance

As soon as your invitation is ready, the International Department will mail it to your electronic address. You will have to print it out and submit it, along with other documents required (the set of documents is country-specific) to the Russian Consulate in your county, in order to get a single-entry student visa (valid for three months) issued.

Multiple-entry permit formalities

Within three days upon the arrival, students must visit the International Department and submit their passport, three sets of copies of passport pages with relevant information thereon, the single-entry visa and the Migration Service Record Card, in order to have multiple-entry permits issued.

*The multiple-entry permit formalities are subject to a duty amounting to RUB 1,600 (one thousand and six hundred) payable at any Sberbank office in Moscow. Please submit the Duty Bill along with the bank confirmation to the International Department.