Enrollment of international students

Is there a deadline for submission of documents for enrollment of foreign nationals?

Members of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy faculty select foreign students using video recordings which may be submitted throughout an academic year.

Where can I find detailed information on the proceedings for enrollment with the Academy?

For details, please refer to the Admission section of this web site.

How do I pay the tuition fees?

The tuition fees are subject to payment twice a year – one half of the amount in Euros must be remitted to the Academy’s account prior to the commencement of studies, while the other half – by January 15th of the next calendar year.

What documents have to be submitted to the Academy prior to the commencement of education / traineeships?

Documents that confirm the level of previous ballet and general education and training and specifying manes of disciplines the student has taken with their respective numbers of hours and grades. Applicants must also undergo health examinations and submit certificates of their health status signed by their physicians. All original copies must have duly notarized Russian translations attached. Every student must have a medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation over the entire period of his or her stay at the Academy.