Apply to the Academy

  • 1

    Online application

    1. Fill out the Application and Personal Data Form
    2. Prepare a quality Xerox copy of the 1st page of your passport
    *Read the List of Contraindications rendering application impossible carefully
  • 2

    Prepare a video presentation for submission

    Prepare a 15-20-minute-long video presentation of your class work highlighting bar exercises, mid-room exercises, adagio, allegro, your point technique and a variation. Video Requirements are shown in the video below:

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    Submit the above Forms and the link to your video presentation to any of the below mail addresses:

  • 4


    Upon due consideration, the Faculty of the Academy makes a decision regarding enrollment of an applicant in the Traineeship Program. In due course, you will receive a notification from the International Department regarding the outcome of the assessment.

  • 5

    Invitation formalities

    Upon the enrollment in the Traineeship Program, students move on to Invitation / Visa Formalities stage. For detailed information about the formalities, refer to the Invitation Procedure section.

  • 6

    Documents to be submitted to the International Affairs Division upon arrival at the Academy

    1. A completed Bill of Health duly translated into Russian:
    2. A medical insurance policy valid in the Russian Federation.
      *Note that your insurance policy must be valid for students and cover sports injuries!
    3. Original copies of education documents and certificates (must include a list of dance/choreography-related disciplines and general education subjects with their respective numbers of hours and grades). The said documents must be duly signed by principals of educational institutions and translated into Russian. The translations must be signed by duly acknowledged and authorized translators. *If an Applicant has completed their secondary education (e.g., 9 years of schooling in Russia), a certificate confirming the level of education has to be submitted.
    4. An original copy of the Contract duly signed by parents of the student
    5. 6 matte-finished (glareless) 3X4 cm headshots
    6. 3 sets of copies of the Applicant’s passport pages with stamps/information on thereon
  • 7


    Once their visas are issued, students arrive at the Academy, complete all necessary formalities and start their training. In order to receive the lessons time-tables, contact the staff of the International Department.