May 03, 2024

Foreign Students Pass Graduation Exams

Last week, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy conducted a series of State Examinations in dance and choreography-related disciplines (classical dance, pas-de-deux, acting techniques, etc.).

Seven foreign students are about to graduate from the Academy this year: Haruka Takemi, Hinata Umeno, Ami Kato (Japan), Hollyn Henderson, Sophia Barrett (USA), Maria Chavez (Mexico) and Klara Zwischenberger (Czech Republic).

Some of the graduates have already received official invitations to join ballet companies of Russia’s major musical theaters, and they will move on to the next stage of their careers as soon as they receive their Graduation Certificates.

But before that, soon-to-be graduates have to pass examinations in a variety of core subjects and get ready for the traditional Graduation Gala shows at the Bolshoi’s Old Stage on May 29 and 30.

Photos: Elizaveta Emel’kina, Alexey Brazhnikov.

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